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1. Online Banking Or ATM Cash Deposit

Because the bank ATM do not accept one ringgit, you can enter an integer,For Example:If your order total amount is RM108 ,so please bank in RM110 ,The rest of the moneywe will be mailed back to you ,So you can avoid over waiting at the counter

The payee information :When you Select Online Banking Or ATM Cash Deposit for your order,  payee name will be displayed。

Note: when you complete the payment on the day, please email or SMS to let us know ,so that , we can deliver goods to you as soon as possible

The following is the way to contact us

  1. Email Address              : sales@shop4pack.com
  2. Mobile phone number  : + 6010 - 564 - 0302 (Malaysia number)

All customers please note, after your remittance please  inform us in two days  and please reserved the remittance number , this will facilitate our query . The content we need is : (The order number , which bank you pay , amount , date and time ) , Thank you dear support , Let the online shopping become more pleasant , more easily


       Notice of payment has been send , SMS example :

2. Pay Credit Card by using PayPal

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Congratulation : ) Your Credit Card Payment with PayPal is complete