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Commitment 7 days unconditional return policy regulations.

We ( Shop4pack ) try our very best to give you the best service , Regardless of any goods , we commit seven days unconditional return / exchange .

Returns Policy

A : For Returns : Buyers on the date of receipt the products, in 7 days . You have unconditional return / exchange product , but before return the product , Please firstly Contact Customer Service Center Shop4pack to arrange the return procedure . Past due then will not be accepted

B : Remark : Pictures and information for reference , Due to different lighting and display color shooting problems , May result in pictures of goods have a certain color difference , This is not a product problem, all according in kind prevail .

C : If the following occurs , shop4pack can refuse refund / replacement requirements:
1. Return / exchange goods incomplete or damaged appearance.
2. shop4pack service centers do not receive your returned merchandise.
3. Goods are not provided by shop4pack.
4. Damage caused by improper use of the product.
5. Goods returned without packaging.
6. No photos, no contact with the customer service , just return back the goods
etc., not be accepted.
7.If customer is unable to provide the Proof of Purchase.
D : Please check before return the goods
1. Goods have to maintain the original quality intact (including product packaging) .
2. Compensation customer's Shipping Cost can not exceed the Shipping Cost orders.
3. If the product has additional gifts ,Please return the gifts together . Gifts need to keep the original quality when received as a gift , If Gifts can not be returned , according to the online price to deduct the refund .
4. We received your returnable goods and confirm the packaging intact under goods no problem circumstances , Our customer service staff will  Credit back your fund in your shop4pack account or exchange issues .

Our experience customer service team will ensure that our customers have a good Cheerful shopping experience . Our team's commitment is to provide excellent service, whether in the shopping process,even complete the shopping , we assured to provide the highest customer satisfaction.

Before you press your Order or Return , Please read below :
1.To avoid the 7 days unconditional return / exchange being abused, all refund is not in cash basis but we will generate the same amount deposit into your shop4pack’s account , this amount you can use it on your next purchase .
2.Conditional return shipping Only the Defective Product or We send you the wrong items , The Return Shipping Cost our Company will take care of it : ) , other than that reason , the buyer need to responsible the shipping fee .