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Without Address Pocket

Our Carton Box come in different sizes, shapes and weights, we have come out with 12 standard sizes ( Start From NO 1 to No 12 ) with the intention to meet most of your requirements.

Carton Box Without Address Pocket
Box NO Size ( Long X Width X Height ) 10pcs 20pcs 30pcs 40pcs 50pcs 100pcs
8 L210 X W110 X H140 MM RM16 RM32 RM48 RM64 RM75 RM140
9 L195 X W105 X H135 MM RM15 RM30 RM45 RM60 RM70 RM130
10 L175 X W95 X H115 MM RM14 RM28 RM42 RM56 RM65 RM120
11 L150 X W90 X H110 MM RM13 RM26  RM39 RM52 RM60 RM110
12 L130 X W80 X H90 MM RM11 RM22 RM33 RM44 RM50 RM90